"The Darkness will cover the Earth
and as it does the New World Order

Short Synopsis

Birds fly away from the the dark clouds in the horizon. The magnificent green mountains of the fjord reflect in the water like a scene from a painting. Friðjon, an old farmer dressed in a wooly, ties a large piece of driftwood to his old and beat up Massey Ferguson tractor. Something in the water catches his attention; a black case.

He takes the case to his shed, breaks it open and looks through the items inside. Among the map, notes, clothes and an engraved rock, he find a tape recorder. He presses play. The most horrific sounds of agony and pain sound through the building until the batteries die. Friðjon takes the device back home where him and his wife rewind and listen to the tape. It holds the story of Dr. Malphas Corson.

Malphas is a foreign archaeologist. He has come to Iceland on his lifelong research to find the Ruins of a lost cult and the Gates of Hell. He is accompanied by his assistant Louis & a group of all sorts of people on the commercial trip taking them to one of the most isolated places on mother earth; the westfjords.

Someone particular on this trip had different plans; opening the gates of hell and releasing it’s dark energy. What comes next is disturbing, as the minds of the people in the fjord are clouded with illusions and lies, pushing them to the breaking point.

We experience the story through Malphas and the effects this has on Friðjon’s life & surroundings.